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Air Abrasion in Georgetown, TX

With the ever evolving access to new dental technology, Trade Winds Dental is able to offer less invasive services like Air Abrasion in Georgetown, TX. Choosing air abrasion over traditional drilling offers several advantages. Particularly for patients who experience anxiety or fear associated with the sounds and feeling of tooth drilling, as well as those who typically turn to sedation dentistry for comfort. 

Air Abrasion: A New Standard Against Drilling Teeth

Air abrasion vs standard drilling - Trade Winds Dental

Air abrasion is a gentle, drill-less technique used in dentistry to remove decay and prepare teeth for restorations such as fillings. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes a fine stream of particles propelled by air onto the tooth’s surface. The reduction of noise, heat, and vibration significantly enhances patient comfort, making the dental care experience less intimidating. With its precision over traditional drilling, it is particularly effective for preserving healthy tooth structure. This reduces the amount of potential pain significantly, making it a preferred choice for patients seeking a more comfortable dental treatment experience.

The Importance of Air Abrasion In Modern Dentistry

Air abrasion is mostly used for removing tooth decay and preparing the tooth for various types of restorations, such as composite fillings or sealants. It is particularly ideal for treating small cavities where saving as much healthy tooth structure as possible is ideal. Additionally, air abrasion can effectively remove surface stains and old composite restorations, as well as prepare the surface for repairing chipped, fractured, or worn teeth. Preparing the tooth surface for bonding procedures, ensures that restorations adhere well and last longer. This technique offers a conservative and gentle alternative to the traditional drill, making it a valuable tool in modern dentistry for both preventive and corrective dental care.

Trade Winds Dental is constantly expanding our methods and practices to cater to your comfort and needs. Contact us today to find out more about our Air Abrasion services and schedule your consultation today!

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