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GreenDoc™ Gold-Certified

Protecting What We Have Today for a Better Tomorrow

Greendoc Gold Certification
Austin, TX (June 12, 2014) – Trade Winds Dental, PA has been recognized by the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA) for their green commitment. Trade Winds Dental is the first office in Georgetown and Williamson County and one of only four dental offices in Texas to achieve GreenDOC™ Gold certification. Trade Winds Dental is one of the first 100 dental practices in the world to achieve this honor.

Our Commitment to You and Your Community

Our team at Trade Winds Dental is committed to practicing dentistry in a way that is not only comfortable and relaxing to our patients, but gentle to our environment, as well as, our community. Trade Winds Dental is one of less than ten dental practices in Texas who are members of the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA). The EDA is an organization of dental professionals dedicated to the practice of green dentistry. Applying the concepts of green dentistry optimizes high tech innovations to reduce waste and pollution, plus save energy and water. This decreases our overall environmental impact and improves patient and team wellness with every business decision we make.

We believe environmental stewardship is an American tradition that dates back to not only the first European settlers, but to our Native American ancestors, as well. In short, we believe in the four Rs: Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. It is a common-sense approach that results in a healthier office space for patients and team members. Additionally, green dentistry can ultimately lower our business costs, which is a savings that can be passed on to patients in the form of more stable fees over time. But being “green” goes beyond the scope of thinking of our immediate surroundings and needs. It’s about doing what we can now to give everyone on this planet a better future. Come visit us and find out for yourself.

Creating More Stories for Hope

Bring your old, hand-held toothbrushes back to our office for recycling and we’ll donate a dollar per toothbrush to Hope Alliance, a Williamson County non-profit organization to help those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. For more information on Hope Alliance, please visit

NEW! Digital Impression Solution

With our new award-winning TRIOS 3, we now have the ability to take many impressions without all that goop in your mouth. Impressions are taken digitally and sent securely over the internet! No goop means less messiness and discomfort, less landfill waste, and less packaging to mail. We will continuously be looking for new ways to reduce our office’s carbon footprint.

Thank you for being a part of the commitment to all of our futures.

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