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added on: September 13, 2021
man thinking

There you were, going about your normal daily routine, and all of the sudden there’s that familiar tingling sensation in your mouth. You’ve been here before and you know what’s coming next – a cold sore. While you might know there’s no cure-all for canker sores, there are a few… Read More…

added on: September 2, 2021
Women looking at article

So you come to our Georgetown dental office every six months for a cleaning. At home, you brush your teeth and floss like a boss. However, there are some common misconceptions about smile care, both in the office and at home, that can actually do more harm than good to… Read More…

added on: August 17, 2021
jogging women

More and more news articles are coming out each day about how patients are returning to their Georgetown dentist in bigger numbers than ever before. Are you one of them? If you’re someone in need of dental care but still find yourself too nervous to make the call and schedule… Read More…

added on: August 3, 2021
Father and Daughter having fun

NBC News recently did this story highlighting how there’s a new resurgence in cosmetic dentistry across the country. Your Georgetown dentist is here to tell you it’s happening here too! The story begins with Kourosh Maddahi, a cosmetic dentist out of Beverly Hills. He said that sometime around March he… Read More…

added on: July 14, 2021
senior couple with babies

At our Georgetown dental office, we always want to provide a reliable, comfortable source of information and education for our patients about all aspects of dental health. Why? Because as time goes on and more studies are conducted there’s one thing that remains clear: There’s a link between what’s happening… Read More…

added on: July 7, 2021
woman and father

Let’s talk about same day dental crowns from our Georgetown dental office. But first, ask yourself these questions and see how you answer: Do you have a tooth that’s broken and you’re feeling like you need to do something about it instead of putting it off?  Do you have a… Read More…

added on: June 11, 2021
woman with Invisalign braces

Your Georgetown dentist is continuing to share our love for Invisalign® and the happy, gorgeous smiles we’ve created using its state-of-the-art clear aligner technology. You don’t have to actually see it to believe it! We can honestly tell you that because Invisalign® in Georgetown is so in demand, there are… Read More…

added on: June 7, 2021

As summer begins to heat up Austin this month, we thought it would be a good time to talk about Invisalign®! This is the perfect time of year to talk to your dentist in Georgetown about the many amazing benefits that clear aligner therapy has to offer both teens and… Read More…

added on: May 17, 2021
sports car

Yes, you read that right. No, your Georgetown dentist isn’t kidding. Did you know that dentistry and the auto industry are similar, more precisely, in terms of parts, service, and routine maintenance. This Old Gas Guzzler Here’s a question even a non-driver or kiddo can answer: What happens when your… Read More…

added on: May 4, 2021
older couple does research

In association with the Administration for Community Living, your dentist in Georgetown would like to take this opportunity to put our most cherished seniors into the spotlight as we honor Older Americans Month. It’s no secret that as we all get older in life, our mouths and oral health needs… Read More…

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