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added on: September 4, 2020
Wisdom Tooth Xray - Trade Winds Dental

Wisdom teeth. Everyone is generally familiar with them. Many of you have probably had surgery to have them removed. But your Georgetown dentist decided to learn a little more about this type of tooth and unveil the truths to you. Prehistoric Chewing Power As it turns out, wisdom teeth were… Read More…

added on: September 10, 2018
Crooked Teeth - Trade Winds Dental

September is the month of football, pumpkins, and crisp apples on a Saturday morning. It’s also the beginning of one of the most stressful times of the year for a lot of people. Have you ever noticed that the change in the daylight, the shortening of the days, and the… Read More…

added on: August 14, 2018
Family Standing On Hill Smiling Together - Trade Winds Dental

It’s August, and that means that we’re spending our free time thinking about back to school supplies, the beginning of football season, and all the pumpkin spice-ness that will come with the start of the Autumn season. What you may not have thought about are things like getting your kids… Read More…

added on: May 11, 2018
Dentist Creating Denture - Trade Winds Dental

A lot of times, when someone is sitting in our dental chair and we discover that a dental crown is needed to repair a damaged tooth, it’s followed by the patient making a groaning sound and a sigh. “That means the goopy impression stuff, right? And I have to wait… Read More…

added on: January 22, 2018
Trade Winds Dental Logo - Trade Winds Dental

While we always recommend visiting your dentist at least every six months, there are times when people fall out of the habit and miss a few appointments. Oftentimes a move to a new city or even a fear of the dentist can make it all too easy to pass on… Read More…

added on: November 17, 2017
Trade Winds Dental Georgetown Texas Map - Trade Winds Dental

It’s that time of year when you sit down and think about all of the things that you’re thankful for. At our Georgetown dental office, we’re so grateful and thankful that we get to serve our patients and bring healthy smiles to our community. We have so many things to… Read More…

added on: May 15, 2017
Wisdom Tooth Xray - Trade Winds Dental

We get asked a lot of questions at our dental office in Georgetown, and we don’t mind answering them one bit! We believe that the more our patients know, the healthier their smiles will be. One of our more frequent requests is for more information on dental x-rays.  Why we… Read More…

added on: January 5, 2016
Biofilm Oral Health Questions - Trade Winds Dental

Toothaches in children can be tricky ordeals that cause distress for both the child and the parent. You may feel helpless and frustrated because you cannot pinpoint the location of the pain. It is so hard to see your little one experience discomfort and feel like there is nothing you… Read More…

Posted In: Family Dentist

added on: November 17, 2015
Father And Daughter Having Fun - Trade Winds Dental

The food you feed your child can have a lasting effect on his or her oral health. In fact, diet plays a major role in whether a child develops cavities and decay, which can lead to many dental visits and potential tooth loss. So what should you feed your child… Read More…

added on: May 11, 2015
Father And Daughter Having Fun - Trade Winds Dental

When you were a kid, your parents may have told you to drink milk to build strong bones and grow tall and strong. Now that you have children of your own, you may hear yourself parroting those instructions you received years ago. Getting enough dairy is essential for young children… Read More…

Posted In: Family Dentist

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