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added on: March 3, 2023
Same Day Crowns - Trade Winds Dental

Your teeth are only as strong as they can be. It takes care and checkups to ensure they can withstand life and everything in between. Sometimes decay or even trauma can occur, which puts a tooth in danger of itself and damages neighboring teeth. One of the ways your Georgetown… Read More…

added on: February 21, 2023
Broken Crowns in Georgetown, TX- Trade Winds Dental

Has it been a while since you’ve seen a dentist in Georgetown, and now your dental crowns are breaking down? Are you seeing what you think might be signs that it’s time to call someone to get the restorative dentistry you know you need? Here are some of the biggest… Read More…

added on: November 11, 2021
Older Couple Sharing A Kiss - Trade Winds Dental

Since your Georgetown dentist is no Gordon Ramsey, we’re not in the business of giving any top tips for the perfect turkey and stuffing. However, as you know we do know a thing or two about teeth. So, we thought it would be a good idea to take this special… Read More…

added on: December 3, 2020
Dentist Creating Denture - Trade Winds Dental

Have you been toying with the idea of getting dentures? Has your Georgetown dentist told you that dentures could work for you, but you’re still hesitant about moving forward with treatment? Spend a minute or two here with us as we show you some of the best, most amazing benefits… Read More…

added on: January 12, 2016
Biofilm Oral Health Questions - Trade Winds Dental

According to the American Association of Endodontists, root canals have a success rate of over 95% and in most cases they last a lifetime. There are a few factors that ensure the root canal will last and should be followed. Why do root canals fail? As mentioned above, only about… Read More…

added on: November 10, 2015
Dentist Showing Patient A Scale Model Of Teeth- Trade Winds Dental

When children lose baby teeth, it’s a time to rejoice. But when adults suffer from tooth loss, it may be a sign of a serious problem. That’s when it’s time to give us a call at Trade Winds Dental. What are the reasons for missing teeth? The loss of permanent… Read More…

added on: January 5, 2015
Tooth Model Showing Tooth Decay - Trade Winds Dental

Getting a cavity seems like delayed punishment for eating that special dessert every weekend or for the few days you forgot to floss. When you are doing everything right with minimal exception and a cavity is diagnosed, it is discouraging. Knowing how cavities form and what causes them is valuable… Read More…

added on: September 29, 2014
Dentist Showing Patient A Scale Model Of Teeth- Trade Winds Dental

Many people consume carbonated or sugary drinks and acidic foods every day but have no idea those beverages may be harming their teeth, making them vulnerable to tooth erosion. The acid in the foods we eat and drink can cause tooth enamel to wear away, making your teeth sensitive and… Read More…

added on: January 14, 2014
Dental Air Abrasion Tool - Trade Winds Dental

As the field of dentistry advances and the use of technology in the field increases, the concept of minimally invasive dentistry has emerged. Preservation of a healthy set of natural teeth for each patient should be the objective of every dentist. Minimally invasive dentistry is characterized by the following core… Read More…

added on: December 10, 2013
Dental Air Abrasion Tool - Trade Winds Dental

Do you dread the dentist? Do you hate the sound of the drill, fear anesthesia or needles, and put off your regular checkups because you dread being told you will have to undergo dental procedures? Then drill free air abrasion dentistry is for you. Air abrasion is a drill free… Read More…

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