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Dentures in Georgetown, TX

At Trade Winds Dental, we are no stranger to the hardship of tooth loss. That’s why we provide our patients with affordable dentures in Georgetown, TX. Dentures play a critical role in maintaining the quality of life for those who have lost their natural teeth, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits. They enable individuals to eat a variety of foods and restore the natural appearance of the smile. Additionally, they support facial muscles, preventing the sagging of facial features that can occur with tooth loss.

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Senior Couple Smiling with Dentures - Trade Winds Dental

There are two different types of dentures: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are utilized when all natural teeth have been removed, and they can fit either the upper or lower gums or both.

What is a partial denture?

Partial dentures are an option when some natural teeth remain. These dentures fill in the spaces created by missing teeth by preparing and anchoring to the remaining natural teeth. This can help prevent other teeth from changing position as well. Occasionally, additional teeth require extraction to better prepare the patient’s mouth.

 Both full and partial dentures are removable options, typically secured by adhesive. We also offer permanent dentures, which are anchored to the jaw bone  (known as Denture Implants). Schedule a free consultation to learn more about affordable dentures in Georgetown, TX!

The Process

Creating dentures is a precise procedure, tailored to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Initially, Dr. Winegar makes a series of impressions of the patient’s jaw and takes measurements of how their jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them. Using these impressions, a wax mold is placed in the exact shape and position of the denture to be made. The patient will try this model several times, and the denture will be assessed for color, shape, and fit before the final denture is cast. This test phase is crucial to adjust for any discomfort or misalignment. Once adjustments are made and everything fits as it should, the final denture is created. This detailed process ensures that the dentures not only fit snugly, but also mimic the natural appearance of real teeth.

Everyday Life With Dentures

Both full and partial dentures can take time to get used to, especially with eating and speaking. This may feel unnatural or cause discomfort. This is completely normal, and the team at Trade Winds is happy to address all of your concerns on adhesion and adjustments to soreness. Our goal is to make a comfortable piece that feels natural, ensuring functionality in everyday life. 

The lifespan of dentures varies significantly based on multiple factors, including the material from which they’re made, the care they receive, and the patient’s habits. On average, well-maintained dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years. However, it’s important for patients to have regular dental check-ups, as the shape of the mouth and gums can change over time, potentially affecting the fit of the dentures. Wear and tear from daily use can eventually necessitate either a new fitting or a complete replacement. Proper care, including daily cleaning and occasionally using denture-specific solutions, can extend their usability.

Schedule Your Dentures Appointment

If you’re suffering from missing teeth, Trade Winds Dental is the best choice for dentures in Georgetown, TX.  We provide quality restorative dental care and competitive pricing. Want more information on whether full or partial dentures are right for you? Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get your oral health back on track!

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