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Mouth and Nightguards

Protection Perfection

We spend a lot of time restoring and perfecting our patients’ smiles, so it makes sense to protect their teeth from damage that can occur in sport or even in sleep.


It’s may seem a little absurd that we need to keep our teeth safe during sleep, but it’s actually more common than you might think. Why? It’s all because of teeth grinding or bruxism. When we’re busy resting, sometimes our mouths are busy clenching. This can be harmful to teeth, and jaw and facial muscles. We often find patients who do this have significant enamel loss, cracked teeth, and even recurring headaches. Customized nightguards are effective and easy to create through a non-invasive process where impressions of bottom and top rows of teeth are created.


Whether you’re on guard on or even off the playing field, mouthguards are important to help keep teeth safe while you or your kids are making plays. Custom-created mouthguards fit comfortably so you can keep your head in the game and your teeth in place.

Keep your smile safe with a customized mouthguard from Trade Winds Dental.
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