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Overcoming Dental Fears at Trade Winds Dental – A Patient’s Story

added on: August 6, 2010

The fear of a dentist and the surroundings of a dental office were instilled in me many years ago but that is another story. The end result of that fear left me a “dental coward.” In reading this testimonial you may recognize someone you know that has a dental fear but read on how I gave up the title right here in Dr. Hennington’s office.

When I first met Dr. Hennington I was in an uptight mode, to say the least, but his calm, professional manner put me at ease. He clearly explained my dental problems and the necessary steps needed to correct them. I sensed his self confidence, his concern and with his dental skills I seemed to achieve an “I will be o.k.” attitude – I am in good hands and my fears subsided. I could not believe my calm but I knew I could trust him.

My continued dental visits became something I took in my stride. I began the necessary dental steps with Dr. Hennington. Next, I had some major (or at least for me) dental procedures done. The removal of some teeth and inserted implant posts done by his referral to an excellent oral surgeon. We continued appointments according to plan while every step of the way had to be under the close scrutiny and positive approval of Dr. Hennington for his self-satisfaction. With pride in his work, his care and many meticulous steps taken to regain a healthy mouth and happy smile – and here I am – as my daughter-in-law said, “you have a youthful smile.”
It is a fact, my first walking into this dental office was meant to be for I needed a Dr. Hennington to chase the “dental coward” monkey out of town and that has been accomplished. I could say thank you till the cows come home and it could not express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Hennington. Everyone on his team is pleasant and caring. They contributed a soothing emotional experience for me and to them a thank you and again thank you!

So if you know of a “dental coward” send them right here to Dr. Hennington.


Helen W.

PS – a feather in Dr. Hennington’s hat – my husband had an emergency dental problem early one Sunday morning – Dr. Hennington met him in his office that early Sunday and took care of him. (and he’s not even a dental coward!)

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