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“My Trip To the Dentist” – Marie’s Story

added on: September 10, 2010

Since I am 70 plus years of age I have been “visiting” the dentist for a long time. Now the word, “visit,” implies that you are willingly going to see someone for a pleasurable time together. Like, you visit a friend or you visit a country. But there e are some visits that are not too sociable. Mostly, doctors and dentists fit into that category. Why? Because there is an uncertainty about what you may hear or even more important, what this news may lead to.

Yet, I continue to use the term …” I am going for a ‘visit’ with the dentist, doctor.
Everywhere I have lived, I have had to choose someone to be my dentist first thing. I always know that I will need someone to be available to me and my husband because we need that assistance often. My mother’s advice, when I was young, was:

-Brush your teeth.
-Marry someone with better teeth than you have.

I did the first suggestion, but since I forgot to ask my intended husband before we were married, just how good his teeth were, we paired off and early found out there would be a third party in our marriage: The Dentist.

When we moved to Georgetown, I immediately asked someone for a recommendation for a doctor and dentist. I knew it would not be long before we needed one (and I stress the word “needed”). Dr. David Hennington was the first one mentioned. I called for an appointment and was greeted with a warm, friendly voice who was obviously so happy I had called. She made an appointment for me and I waited for the day I would meet the next dentist in my life.

So, this is my first and lasting and growing impression of Dr. Hennington, his staff, and his office:

OFFICE: One walks from Texas through the door into the tropics. The colors and décor make you feel you are on a breezy island in the pacific. There is coffee, tea and comfortable seating with magazines (some of my favorites). Then once you travel to the room where you will lie on the “beach,” there are pictures on the wall and the ceiling to remind you where you are. So, you will not be blinded by the sun, you are given sun glasses to use for your entire stay. On the way out, you are reminded of an opportunity to participate in a contest to win something special each month and a beautiful rose to take home. (Does everyone get that rose, or just me?) After everyone expresses their farewells and you return to the real world, you feel as if you’ve been on vacation.

DOCTOR: Although I have been “visiting” Dr. Hennington for a number of years, the first visit was just as warm and friendly and reassuring as the one I had yesterday. He waits for you to be relaxed in the recliner that has a beach scene on the ceiling above it; for you to have your sun glasses on; for you to have a short conversation with his assistant. Then he walks in and talks and takes his time getting to hear from you. His work is as good as his personality. I could tell very early that he is a perfectionist and artist when it comes to your mouth. And, even more important, if he feels a job belongs to a different kind of dentist, he sees that you are referred to the right person. But most of the time he diagnoses the problem and explains it thoroughly and offers a plan to correct it. My husband and I both have problems that need (what we think) immediate attention. We have never been denied access to Dr. Hennington. He is always available. He says as you leave his office, “If you have any problems, please call me.” Well, I took him up on that recently and he answered though he was out of town. He assured me and made a recommendation. Dr. Hennington often calls you the day after you have been there to check on your condition.

STAFF: What a team. No matter who is assisting Dr. Hennington, you realize you have the best person doing what must be done. They are very well trained and make you so comfortable, you sometimes think, “I wish I could stay in this chair a little longer.” I am often asked, “Are you comfortable? Did that hurt too much? Let me help you with that.” That is, in addition to “Turn your head” and “Open your mouth.” And, the ones in the office are so gracious. They always handle the accounts and appointments with ease and work to be very accommodating.

SUMMARY: Now you might think this “visit” is something I am truly excited about. You would be wrong. But, you would be right if you knew how much I don’t mind going to Trade Winds Dental. I know I will be taken care of in a very professional and personal way. Now that is truly the best recommendation.

-Marie D.

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