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The Hennington’s Involvement with the the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

added on: September 2, 2010

Dr. Hennington and wife Xenia currently have 5 cats, recently fostering Big Boy (pictured) from family friends who recently moved to California. They had not found a home for him three days before they intended to move and were planning to drop him off at the animal shelter in hopes he would find a good home, but with the dire overcrowding of cats and kittens all the animal shelters in the area are being faced with, we realized there was little chance Big Boy would find a good home. So we decided to save him from certain death and are currently fostering him. We have grown quite fond of him as he is a very sweet and loving kitty. He loves food (thus the name), welcomed his collar, and plays with all the cat toys with gusto. He has also been getting along quite well with the other kitties we already have (whew!). If anyone is interested in adopting Big Boy, please get in touch with Dr. Hennington or Xenia about it.

Recently, we donated $1250.00 to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown. The shelter is overpopulated with cats and kittens from the spring season and has been experiencing severe overcrowding and a shortage of funds for litter, cat food, and medical attention. Their goal is to be a no-kill shelter, but the reality of the situation may force them to take necessary steps. At the time the donation was made, July 22, 2010, they had just inventoried over 340 kittens, not counting adult cats.

If you are an animal lover looking at adopting a new friend, be sure to visit the Animal Shelter’s web site!

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