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Prioritize Your Oral Health Now, Save Money and Time Later

added on: February 3, 2011

As the U.S. economy has been slow to recover, Dr. Hennington and our team at Trade Winds Dental have noticed that many patients are conserving money while often neglecting their oral health. Patients are being mindful of every dollar.

Really, the best way way to save money in the long run is to keep regular oral health maintenance appointments, even if you are not able to do other recommended treatments. By maintaining the health of the mouth, it is less likely that costly breakdown of the teeth and gums will occur. We can also catch problems at your regular checkups while they’re small, easier and less expensive to fix.

In times when money is tight, the best investment is an investment in your health. At our practice, you don’t have to worry about shady bankers, traders, or other characters having control of your money. You are the one in control of what happens to your hard earned money at Trade Winds Dental!

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