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What Puts You at Ease at Trade Winds Dental?

added on: August 5, 2011

Dr. David Hennington and our team understand that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist. However, we strive to bring you the best and most comforting experience at each visit. Here are a few ways that we put our patients at ease at Trade Winds Dental:

• Early morning appointments are available.
• Our patients are welcome to use our wireless internet access throughout office.
• We offer coffee, tea, and water in our reception room.
• We coordinate all dental specialist referrals right from our office.
• The office has ergonomically designed dental chairs to maximize patient comfort.
• There is cable television in the treatment rooms.
• Our office uses digital x-rays for reduced radiation.
• Enviromentally friendly practices such as: The recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. Digital-rays that eliminate toxic chemicals. Decreased use of disposable products. Use of non-toxic paint, cleaning and landscaping supplies. Recycling of mercury containing old silver filling material to prevent introduction into water supply.

What puts you at ease when you visit our office? Let us know by posting here or on our Facebook page! We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

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