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Stay Green While Quarantined

added on: June 10, 2020

We all have to get used to what everyone seems to be calling “the new normal” – aka, post-COVID life. We know that you’re diligently wearing your mask, socially distancing yourself from others, and washing your hands so much that your knuckles are getting dry and cracked. Here’s a question you might not have thought of: How do you stay “green” and protect the environment during a pandemic? Or even better: How do you develop new “greener” habits going forward? Our Georgetown dental office has some suggestions to keep you clean, green, and still quarantined. (wow, what a rhyme!)

In the Kitchen

When you’re washing off your fresh produce, there’s no need to let the tap water run and be wasteful. Instead, place your veggies in a bowl of warm water and just let them soak for a few minutes. Speaking of water – be sure that you’re using your dishwasher if you have one. That’s right! Believe it or not, your dishwasher uses less water per run than YOU do when you’re hand washing dishes.


We know that you can’t use reusable shopping bags right now due to safety concerns. So when you do venture out and come home with those plastic trash bags – reuse them! They’re great for scooping the litter box, lining small trash cans, and bagging up things like potato peels to take them out to the compost pile. 

Speaking of shopping – why not de-clutter your closet and make room for a new season of clothes? Be sure to donate your leftover clothes, shoes, purses, etc. to a local thrift store or Salvation Army in order to help others!

Learn Something New

Yes, we are a dental office, so no, we’re not telling you to learn new dentistry skills and join our Georgetown dental team (unless that’s something you’re into!!). How about planting a garden? Have you ever baked your own bread? Or created crafts with your kids? The idea of creating something is not only great for the environment, since you’re doing it from scratch and not using manufactured / processed items, it’s actually great for your mental health, too. Think of it as free therapy!

Please know that the team at your Georgetown dental office misses seeing your smiling face! We all hope that you’re staying strong, brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once per day, and staying safe. We can’t wait to see you again and hear what you’ve been up to. Hopefully it involves staying green!

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