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The Good News & Bad News About the Environment

added on: July 2, 2020

The whole world has changed, from big cities and far away countries to the little town where our Georgetown dental office sits. As a GreenDoc Gold-Certified dental office, you know that we’re thinking about our commitment to the environment as well as our community. So have things changed out there with regard to protecting our eco-system? Definitely.

Air Pollution

The Good News

When all the businesses shut down and people were staying home, there were a lot less cars on the road. This cut down on the carbon monoxide being pushed into the air that we breathe – as you probably saw less smog in photos of big cities. 

The Bad News

Industries still had to run their factories, so while there was a small decline in industrial pollution, we’re right back at it now that most factories are back to full capacity.

Plastic Waste

The Good News

For years, our Georgetown dental office has been encouraging you to recycle your plastics, carry green bags instead of disposable plastic shopping bags, and even turning in your old toothbrushes to help reduce the tons of plastic waste that end up in landfills every year. And you’ve always done such a great job!

The Bad News

Since COVID struck, most grocery stores are not permitting the use of green bags, only plastic. And with more people ordering take-out, rather than eating food at a restaurant, there’s a lot more plastic and styrofoam takeout containers ending up in the trash. Not to mention the fact that some recycling facilities closed down, so many people – both at home and at commercial businesses – have just been trashing it all.

Our Office

We only have GOOD NEWS to share! While we have taken extra precautions for your safety, we’ve done them in a way that does not compromise our commitment to the planet. Things may look a little different, but we are still here to educate you on better ways to protect your oral and overall health, as well as the planet around you. 

So please continue to be safe, be healthy, and call us to schedule an appointment for your checkup and cleaning. And don’t forget to turn that faucet off when you’re brushing your teeth!

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