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Why Do I Get Nervous About Seeing My Georgetown Dentist?

added on: January 11, 2021

If you’re a grown adult, you might wonder why you still feel those little butterflies in your stomach when you know it’s time for your next dental appointment. It seems like something so simple, and maybe you’ve been going to the same dentist in Georgetown your entire life. Still, we’re all human with emotions that can sometimes be an unexplained addition to our regular range of emotions.

If you know the caring, gentle team at Trade Winds Dental, then you know that we’re committed to providing compassionate care without any stress or fear during your time with us — no matter if you’re in for a cleaning or need more in-depth treatment.

Is it Just Me?

NO! According to a study courtesy of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, there are about 40 million Americans who simply don’t see the dentist because they’re too afraid or anxious. But why do so many patients of all ages develop a fear of the dentist? It’s a personal matter for every patient. Some patients:

  • Anticipate that there will be pain when they see their Georgetown dentist
  • Worry that their dental team might rush through a procedure and neglect their concerns
  • Have had dental trauma in the past brought on by negative experience
  • Are bothered by the sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office
  • Can’t deal with having their normal routine interrupted even for a day

The problem with dental anxiety and fear is that if you avoid seeing a dentist in Georgetown, it could lead to more time-consuming, costly dental work down the road.

How Can I Get Help?

We understand what it feels like to have anxiety and even great fear overseeing the dentist. Every patient experiences it differently for a variety of reasons. Your friends and family at Trade Winds Dental have some different options for sedation and relaxation during your dental visits. Our goal is to surround you in comfort for a visit that feels like you’re at home with family and friends.

We offer:

Oral conscious sedation – Oral medications are highly effective in providing relief from dental anxiety. We offer patients this option for a quick and easy way to ensure you’re feeling relaxed but awake during your procedure.
Inhalation sedation – Commonly referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide, and oxygen inhalation is safe, effective, and proven to help nervous or frightened patients feel at ease. It’s not intended to put you to sleep; you’ll be able to ask questions and be alert but feel tranquil.

If you or someone in your family avoids the dentist because of fear or anxiety. Talk to us today! Ask about how sedation dentistry can help make your appointment less stressful and more comfortable.

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