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Your Georgetown Dentist Needs Your Helping Saving 90 A Day

added on: January 19, 2021

You’re probably wondering what exactly we are saving 90 of each day? Want to take a guess? Go ahead; we’ll wait. 

The truth is: Your Georgetown dentist is saving something we all need, everywhere on this planet, and that’s water. We would like to invite you to have your family join our dental family to preserve water as a boost to our environmental health.

How We Got Involved

You may or may not know that your dentist in Georgetown is a proud member of the Eco-Dentistry Association. They work tirelessly to support both the oral health of our patients and the overall health of our planet. They launched something called the “Save 90 A Day” campaign to get more people to use smart water consumption. Trade Winds Dental wanted to partner with the association because we’re deeply committed to practicing dentistry in a way that is comfortable and relaxing to patients but also gentle and more sustainable for our environment. 

Save Your Teeth and Your Environment

You might be asking yourself, “what does this have to do with teeth and dental care?” It all comes down to how you brush your teeth. Do you leave the faucet running while brushing? If so, you could be wasting up to 90 glasses of water every day during morning and evening cleanings. In this new year, we invite you, friends, and families to join Dr. Winegar and the team in partnership with the Eco-Dentistry Association in support of their Save 90 A Day initiative. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this partnership and project, please talk to the team at Trade Winds Dental. You can now sign up in the Trade Winds Dental office or online and register to help save 90-A-Day. You will pledge to:

I am committed to my oral health and to the health of our planet.

I agree to follow the advice of my dental professionals to brush my teeth twice a day and conserve ninety glasses of water every day by:

  1. Wetting their toothbrush under the water
  2. Turning off the tap
  3. Applying toothpaste
  4. Brushing my teeth for 2 minutes
  5. Filling a small glass with water
  6. Rinsing and swishing with water from the glass
  7. Smiling!

Pledge today to turn off your faucet while you brush your teeth and join your Georgetown dentist in helping to conserve water!

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