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May is Older Americans Month: Why Your Georgetown Dentist Cares

added on: May 4, 2021

In association with the Administration for Community Living, your dentist in Georgetown would like to take this opportunity to put our most cherished seniors into the spotlight as we honor Older Americans Month.

It’s no secret that as we all get older in life, our mouths and oral health needs begin to change and evolve too. We’ve made it our mission to provide valuable education to patients of all ages about the benefits of maintaining optimal oral and overall health. What’s most important about helping seniors is that it can become more challenging to recognize some oral health problems as nerves can shrink and teeth actually become less sensitive. 

The Older the Age, the Higher the Risk

Unfortunately, as your body ages over time, it puts your oral health at risk for very damaging issues such as:

Thanks to so many advancements in science and dental research over the years, we now know that oral health issues can also indicate some other chronic condition that your body may be facing. For patients of every age, especially older patients, regular visits to our dental office in Georgetown are essential. 

Do You Do These Things?

Are you 55 and over? Do you take care of someone who is? Do you or they do these things to ensure their smile stays strong?

  1. Make sure to see your Georgetown dentist regularly before a little problem turns into something serious. This is also when we check you and your mouth for any signs of oral cancer, and the early we catch it, the better!
  2. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once is the key to perfect at-home dental care. If you or someone you love wears dentures, ensure that they’re probably cared for and cleaned daily too. 
  3. Keep an open eye for anything suspicious going on in your mouth or with your oral health. Bumps and sores should be seen by your Georgetown dentist ASAP.

We make it easy to take care of your teeth at any age. If there’s something you have a question about or if you need to talk about taking care of that special someone in your life, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring, friendly team. We have plenty of denture options, including revolutionary All-on-4 technology!

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