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Unraveling the Mysteries of Mouthwash

added on: February 24, 2022

You know that it’s best to brush twice a day and floss once, but do you rinse after? Your Georgetown dentist generally recommends a mouthwash or rinse to give your teeth a good polish and final clean. Why? Because it helps to ensure your mouth is extra fresh because it can access all of the nooks and crannies that your brush and floss can’t reach. That’s one mystery solved: Yes, you should use mouthwash. Let’s keep going!

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Why does mouthwash sometimes make your mouth feel like it’s on fire? Is it you or the brand you’re using? It might have to do with the primary purpose of mouthwash, and that’s to kill bacteria and fight germs that can cause unwanted issues. In most cases, your mouthwash will contain alcohol, adding to the burning sensation you feel post rinse. There doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol present to make a mouthwash effective. Second mystery solved! Your Georgetown dentist recommends checking the label and opting for a brand with a lower percentage of alcohol content.

How Does The ADA Feel?

The American Dental Association also recommends that you use mouthwash each day because of its ability to give you a next-level clean. They also say mouthwash can help:

  • Prevent or control tooth decay
  • Reduce plaque (a thin film of bacteria that forms on teeth) 
  • Prevent or reduce gingivitis (an early stage of gum disease
  • Reduce the speed that tartar (hardened plaque) forms on the teeth or produce a combination of these effects
  • Freshen breath

So, now you know that the ADA and your dentist in Georgetown both think that mouthwash is an excellent tool to help you keep your teeth free from cavities and decay. Third mystery solved!

Types of Mouthwash To Choose From

There are so many mouthwash brands on the market today; it can be challenging to decide what works best. Some of the options you have to choose from include:

  • Gum Health: If you see early signs of gum disease, this will remove the plaque between your gum lines and take care of the situation. 
  • Whitening: This will help whiten your teeth and give you a bright smile. 
  • Kids: If you have kids and want to buy one for them, you can opt for the kid’s mouthwash. 
  • Breath Freshening: This will help you get one right away if you are looking for instant freshness.
  • Dry Mouth: You can use a moisturizing mouthwash if you want to moisten your mouth. It is infused with mint flavors that will help you keep your mouth fresh. 

Remember that nothing is best for your at-home oral health care routine than brushing and flossing; the rinse step is just secondary. If you’re unsure what type of mouthwash you should be using or if you have questions for us, please reach out to our dental office in Georgetown. We can get you scheduled for a consultation and answer your questions!

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