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The Keto Diet and Your Oral Health

added on: March 22, 2022

Maybe you’re on it. Or perhaps someone in your family follows it. Whatever your connection, the keto diet has become increasingly popular as the years go by. We’re sure you know or have heard of someone who has lost weight. But your Georgetown dentist was wondering: How does the keto diet impact your oral health?

What Exactly is the Keto Diet?

This special diet works by combining very low carbs with high fat. So everything from meats, fish, nuts, cheese, and low-carb vegetables are all literally on the table. Do you know something huge that is missing from the keto diet? Sugar! We all know that your dentist in Georgetown will be the first to tell you how much sugar can impact your oral health, and not in a good way. Cutting out carbohydrates loaded with sugar means there’s less bacteria buildup on your teeth and in your mouth so there’s less of a chance of harm to your smile.

What is Keto Breath?

There’s an interesting side effect of the keto diet that often goes overlooked and that’s something called keto breath. It usually has a fruity smell that mimics acetone, but when there’s certain bacteria present in the mouth, it can lead to an unpleasant odor or “dragon breath.” Even though you’re losing weight, no one wants to have funky breath. This side effect is generally temporary and is a sign that your liver is producing ketones that your body isn’t using just yet. Eventually, your body should become keto-adaptive and the excess ketones will be used as fuel for your brain and muscles.

How Can I Avoid Keto Breath?

Your Georgetown dentist doesn’t want to discourage you from eating healthy and improving your lifestyle. If you’re interested in starting the keto diet, it’s best to talk to your trusted healthcare provider first. Once you’ve got things under way, if you do feel like you have keto breath it’s important to remember to always drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to brush and floss after you eat. This is always beneficial no matter what dietary choices you make in life!

We hope you learned a little bit about the keto diet and how it affects your oral health. If you’re looking into starting a new diet, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We can work with you at our dental office in Georgetown to ensure your oral health is always in good shape. Call us or reach out online!

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