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3 Keys To Understanding Tooth Extraction in Georgetown

added on: October 10, 2022

Tooth extraction is another way to say goodbye to a tooth or remove it entirely from your mouth. While it may seem like a relatively simple procedure or dental decision you face making, there’s more to pulling a tooth or an extraction than you might think. Take a moment and join your Georgetown dentist, Dr. Derek Winegar, to help you learn more about how this all works.

  • (KEY #1) Why a Tooth Extraction Might Be Your Best Option

Everything we do for you and your smile aims to keep your natural teeth intact for a lifetime. That’s always our #1 priority for every patient at every age. However, there are times when we’ll discuss tooth extraction as the right decision for protecting the integrity of your oral health. How will you know if having a tooth pulled is the right solution for your situation? Here are some of the most common circumstances that most extraction patients will encounter, including:

  • Periodontal or gum disease that has moved into a more damaging, advanced stage
  • A tooth with significant decay or deterioration
  • A tooth that’s not formed correctly and risking the health of other teeth
  • When a tooth is impacted or unable to push through your gums (think wisdom teeth)
  • Damage or trauma to your tooth which makes it difficult to save
  • To help create a more comfortable fit for a new pair of dentures

Your dentist in Georgetown might also want to remove a tooth to make some extra space for orthodontic treatment or complete replacement with a dental implant

  • (KEY #2) Every Situation is Unique

With all the reasons for tooth extraction, it should come as little surprise that every case will be different. That’s why it’s best to talk with us to discuss your best options to make this process as quick, simple, and painless as possible. Some extractions can be quickly completed, while others require a more in-depth or planned out oral surgery solution. We precisely map out every procedure before touching your teeth to maximize comfort and convenience using today’s state-of-the-art dentistry tools. You’ll be well-informed and well on getting the dental care you deserve with all your questions and concerns addressed. 

  • (KEY #3) Know What Your Next Steps Will Be

After your tooth extraction is complete, it’s vital you make sure to take care of your follow-up care. This will help speed up how quickly your body heals, with recovery spanning anywhere from one week to several. Again, it depends on the severity of your issue. Depending on which tooth you have removed, there are different options your dentist in Georgetown can offer for proper restoration. Common replacements include a denture, bridge, or dental implant. 

It’s time you took control of your oral health, and it starts with addressing oral health issues that might be holding you back. Our Georgetown dental office offers calming sedation to help make any visit feel more comfortable than you ever imagined a trip to the dentist could ever be. Let’s meet to discuss your safe and effective treatment options and see if a tooth extraction is your best bet. Call (512) 572-3653 and get scheduled today!

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